dr. o. k. wack

The dream of becoming an entrepreneur came to me as early as my school days. As a student, it became an obsession and during my first working years, it became a plan.

The search for a meaning in life has always been a priority, along with a strongly felt personal obligation to develop my god-given qualities and talents and put them to good general use. My ability to recognise the needs of people, and through that, the needs of the marketplace, and to try to satisfy those needs with new products has been an overarching ambition. This enabled us to create new markets. However, to make this a reality, it required employees that are just as capable and motivated.

All of this has been the reason why we have been able to transfer a financially independent and worldwide successful company to the next generation after 40 years. I am certain that the future of the company can also be formed successfully on this basis.

Dr. Oskar K. Wack