Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH

dr. wack chemie

For over 40 years, Dr. OK Wack Chemie GmbH has provided innovative high quality solutions for the automobile, motorcycle and bike care industries.  Following the introduction of the world’s first wheel cleaner in 1976, the company focused on developing motorcycle care products. Led by S100, a premium motorcycle care product within Germany, Dr. OK Wack Chemie GmbH has become an industry leading supplier for the premium automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle care market


Zestron Europe

ZESTRON is the globally leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing industry. Supporting various industries such as aerospace, telecommunication, medical, and military, ZESTRON has implemented thousands of cleaning processes worldwide. With eight globally linked Technical Centers, equipped with more than 70 cleaning machines from world leading equipment manufacturers, ZESTRON can provide customized cleaning solutions based on individual requirements.



IdentPro specializes in the development of integrated solutions for intralogistics, asset management and material tracking in production. Auto-ID technologies such as RFID, NFC, barcode, and laser-based forklift management systems are used for automated identification of goods, containers and assets.  With benefits of increased process transparency, reduction in errors and sustainable cost reduction, IdentPro provides holistic RFID and RTLS solutions.