In 1975, Dr. Oskar K. Wack founded Dr. OK Wack Chemie GmbH, the premier manufacturer of automobile care products. Since then, the company has had continued growth led by his entrepreneurial spirit and courage. Following its success in the consumer market, the company began focusing on other ventures, primarily the high precision cleaning industry.

ZESTRON was founded in 1990, a business division of Dr. OK Wack Chemie GmbH, and has become the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products and services for the electronics manufacturing industry. With the retirement of Dr. Oskar K. Wack in 2012, Dr. Harald Wack, his son, began serving as president and CEO of the company.

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Oct 2017
Intralogistics specialist Identpro with triple-digit sales growth
Apr 2016
Wack Group invests more than 10 percent of sales in research and development
Mar 2015
With high investment in research and sparkling ideas to success