Wack Group News 

February 2019

Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie and ZESTRON

Relocation creates new space

Continuously increasing demand for professional cleaning of electronic componentsread more

June 2018

Wack Group continues to expand

New Technical Centers in Japan and Taiwan

After concluding the last year most successfully, the Wack Group is continuing its successful course in 2018read more

February 2018

2017 most successful year

in the Wack Group history

Cleaners and -technology as well as automated material flow solutions more in demand than everread more

August 2017

Thanks to its Outstanding Quality

Dr. Wack Leads in the Consumer Field

Success in the niche sector - company philosophy pays off.  read more

July 2017

ZESTRON Celebrates

25 Years of Globally Leading Innovation

ZESTRON, global provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, is celebrating 25 years of innovation.  read more

May 2017

Wack Group achieves profound salesplus

Successful Quarter balance...

... for the cleaning and logistics specialists from Ingolstadt read more

Nov. 2016

The Anni-Hofmann Foundation

has a long-term positive effect

Social commitment of the Wack Group brings research to first successes read more

Apr. 2016

Innovation as a Value Driver 

Wack Group invests more than 10 percent of sales in research and development

Germany reached only rank 12th in the international comparison of innovativeness. At the Wack Group in Ingolstadt, it's different. More than 10 percent of the annual revenue generated is reinvested in research and development. read more

Jan. 2016

 Dr. Wack strong in new market

Bicycles and e-bikes increase sales of care products of the premium manufacturer

In the past year, the chemical company Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH was again able to increase its sales due to the consistent high demand for bicycles and e-bikes quality care products. read more

Oct. 2015

Record Sales in Q3, 2015

New Technical Center in South Korea

With the demand for faster response times, board designs have become increasingly complex and more challenging to clean. Over the years, ZESTRON, a business division of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH, has offered customized cleaning solutions as a reliable and respected partner to the automotive and electronic industries. learn more

Apr. 2015

Quality and individuality

Dr. OK Wack Chemie GmbH with double-digit sales growth

In 1975, Dr. Oskar K. Wack founded Dr. OK Wack Chemie GmbH, the premier manufacturer of automobile care products. Since then, the company has had continued growth led by his entrepreneurial spirit and courage. Following its success in the consumer market, the company began focusing on other ventures, primarily the high precision cleaning industry.

ZESTRON was founded in 1990, a business division of Dr. OK Wack Chemie GmbH, and has become the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products and services for the electronics manufacturing industry. With the retirement of Dr. Oskar K. Wack in 2012, Dr. Harald Wack, his son, began serving as president and CEO of the company. learn more

Mar. 2015

No way for "no way"

With high investment in research and sparkling ideas to success

Single or umbrella brand? This topic is very controversial. Endless literary works deal with this topic, experts philosophize and give their suggestions. Bevor positioning a new brand you should consider the "How" very well.

Feb. 2015

Know-how from Ingolstadt, Germany 

Precision cleaners Dr. Wack / ZESTRON with record year - world's leading electronics manufacturers rely on know-how from Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt, Germany - The electronics industry is one of the world's largest and most important industries as measured by its global production and market volume.

The top 5 largest producing countries are China, Japan, USA, South Korea and Germany.

At a market volume of approximately 4 billion euros, an amount that has nearly doubled in the past decade, it is one of the largest industries in the world. learn more

Nov. 2014

Social commitment and charitable responsibility 

Dr. Wack and the  Anni-Hofmann-foundation

An entrepreneur is defined as someone who takes initiative using his or her vision, initiative, energy and investment to create a business.

In 1975, Dr. Oskar K. Wack founded Dr. OK Wack Chemie GmbH in Ingolstadt, Germany. Additionally, under his direction and leadership, he created the business division ZESTRON, to be the world's leading provider for high reliability electronic precision cleaning processes. He grew the consumer segment by providing high-quality care products for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles to be a market leader. learn more